4G and Wifi Control LED Transparent Screen
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4G and Wifi Control LED Transparent Screen

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Product Description

4G and WIFI control LED transparent screen


1.Product Introduction.

4G and WIFI control LED transparent screen is a series of transparent display screen tailored for the rear window glass and side window glass of large cars. With the continuous improvement of transparent screen technology, the application of vehicle transparent screen is popularized rapidly. LED display is a very mature self-luminous display mode, with long life, low power consumption and high brightness, and because the transparent screen itself has a certain permeability, it does not affect the lighting in the vehicle, nor does it affect the driver's driving.

For operating vehicles and online car-hailing, the on-board transparent screen is a new media with considerable advertising profitability, the exposure rate is extremely high, and it belongs to mobile publicity; for large private cars, the car transparent screen is a reasonable use of its idle rear window and side window space, which can be used for self-promotion or self-entertainment. At the same time, the screen body can also have emergency alarm, warning rear vehicles and other functions.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Pixel pitch


Pixel density

16384 dots/sqm

Drive IC




Module size


Module resolution


Cabinet size


Cabinet resolution


Cabinet weight

4.5 kg


3.Product Feature And Application

The pixel spacing of the vehicle transparent screen is a product of horizontal 7.8mm and vertical 3.9mm. Its characteristics are as follows:

3-1.The screen body is designed with light strip grid and has good light transmission.

The vehicle transparent screen series belongs to the LED transparent screen, and there is a physically hollowed-out light transmission area between the light strips, with a light transmittance of about 70%, so it will not completely block the day lighting and does not affect the safe driving of the driver. All the wires are insulated and protected from ear to ear, and the whole acrylic board is used on the back of the screen body, which is two-way protection for the screen body and passengers, so that passengers can not directly contact the screen body, eliminating the hidden danger of safety.


3-2High-definition color display, the presentation content is more rich and vivid.

Compared with the monochrome and bi-color vehicle screens in circulation on the market now, the display screen has light emitting diodes up to 18432pcs points, and it is a full-color display of tricolor 1R1G1B, which is gorgeous and lifelike in color, so it can display more rich and vivid content, including text, pictures, videos, etc., with outstanding advertising effect.


3-3.Strong flexibility, wide publishing area and high delivery rate.

Where the car is, that's where the screen is. With the flow of the vehicle to the city, township and village, the vehicle screen can still continuously receive, store and display information in the flow, so the publishing area is very wide, and it can be combined with big data for vehicle functionality. targeted targeted, regional, regular delivery of response content (especially advertising content), the core demands of content providers can be efficiently and accurately conveyed to the most valuable audience groups.


4.Product Details

High brightness, self-adjusting, all-weather application.

When the brightness of the display device is lower than the ambient brightness, the picture will be difficult to see clearly, while the brightness of display devices such as vehicle projection is only 200-1000ns, so if it is used in the rear window of the car, it can only be used in cloudy days or in the evening. Car transparent screen, basic white balance brightness of 2000cd, high-brightness model is as high as 4000cd or above (Customizable 5500cd), so it can easily adapt to all kinds of weather conditions, the picture is always bright and clear, all-weather display. Optional light sensor accessories can self-sense the brightness of the environment, and intelligently adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly, so it can effectively solve the problem of "light pollution" caused by high brightness.


5.Product Qualification

The control system is mature and stable, easy to use and powerful in processing performance.

The standard control box is a quad-core processor with a main frequency of 1.2GHz and 1G memory, including 28G available storage space. This series also supports WiFi connection (screen control with APP directly from mobile phone), 4G module, USB direct connection PC, remote centralized publishing and monitoring, stereo audio output, USB disk program import and playback. The mode of screen control is diversified, and it can be adjusted and managed according to the actual application. Among them, the cluster screen control cloud platform sets multi-level permissions to ensure the security of the content played by the screen body. At the same time, it supports secondary development, such as positioning function, track query, high light reminder, automatic call for help and so on.


6.Deliver,Shipping and serving

This product is mature and can be produced in mass. In general, it can be delivered in 30 days to our clients. As the regular one, the package is pearl cotton, stretch film and wooden case, it is available for our client’s special requirements. We will prepare spare parts of 10% of the total order for our customers.



Q:How long does the production cycle take?

A:Regular 20-25 days, customized delivery time special order.


Q:How is after-sale work?

A:The basic after-sales problem is that the module will be mailed after repair, and the cost will be returned to the factory during the warranty period.

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