DIP Large Outdoor Led Display Screens P10 For Bad
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DIP Large Outdoor Led Display Screens P10 For Bad

DIP Large Outdoor Led Display Screens P10 For Bad is the first type of led screen,just have 3 colors led lamp.Next ,I will introduce for you in details.

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Product Description

DIP Large Outdoor Led Display Screens P10 For Bad 

1.Product introduction

About DIP large outdoor led display,from the single color to tri-color.This outdoor direct plug-in screen is the most primitive led display, and its waterproof performance is also very good. The lamp beads are composed of three colors of red, white and green, but it can also play a full-color picture.

2.Product parameter

Product Name

P10 curved led display

Product Model


Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density


Led Configuration


Scan mode


Module Size


Module Resolution


Panel size


Service type

Back service



Viewing Angle

Vertical 140°, Horizontal 140°

Viewing Distance

>10 meter

Frame Rate


Refresh Rate


IP Grade


Input Voltage

AC200-240V 50Hz

Max. Power Consumption


Avg. Power Consumption


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Out Of Control Rate

2/10,000, Zero before delivery

Expected Lifespan

100,000 hour

3.Product details

Product name

P10 outdoor DIP led display

Led configuration


Viewing distance

>10 meter



Ingress rate



Outdoor application

High light

Outdoor full color led display.outdoor led video wall

4.Product feature

1. Super high brightness:  As known that DIP will have more higher brightness than SMD leds,  DIP brightness can reach to 7000-10000nits, but SMD only reach 7000nits, but at this level, it's very dangerous for the SMD leds lifespan, the higher brightness means generate more heat, and higher brightness decay. But DIP can stand high brightness and sustain longer lifespan. High brightness is important while display in sunlight, So that's why we still use dip led display in high brightness outdoor environment.

2. Longer life span.   SMD led lifespan expecting to be 100,000 hour, but in real it's shorten because the outer ambient hot and wet conditions . DIP lifespan coud reach 100,000 hour in reality conditions.

3. Better circuit design: there 2 PCB board for the DIP led, more space for the circuit wiring, better heat dissipation.

4. Totally IP65 waterproof: waterproof is very important for outdoor screen, if the waterproof is not good enough, it will kill the led lamp, even the screen,



Q1:LED display models are generally expressed in PX, such as P2 P3 P4.....P8, P10, what does this mean?
A:P3 P4.....P8,P10 means that the pixel pitch is 3mm 4mm....10mm, which determines resolution of a display .Pixel pitch is smaller, led display resolution is higher.


Q2:What pixel pitch should I choose on my display?
A:Using the PX screen, it is determined mainly by the viewing distance, the size of the display screen, the
desired effect and the customer budget.


Q3:To order a display ,What kind of information do I have to offer you?

A:You should provide width/height of the display, the main use, the viewing distance, the scene photos, special requirements,then I can provide you with a detailed list of quotations.


Q4:How to install?
A:Free of charge to provide detailed steel structure drawings and installation guidance and wiring diagram,
free remote debugging. We can also send our engineers to the site to guide the installation if needed.


Q5:What about your quality?
A:The quality of our display is excellent. We use the materials of high quality suppliers in the world,
strictly control the production process, and pass the multiple quality inspection to ensure that every
product is qualified.


Q6:What about the warranty?

A:Two year warranty


Q7:What about the lead time?
A:Orders less than 50 square meter display, lead time is 15 working days.


Q8:Can I order a sample?
A:Yes,We welcome customers to order samples to check our product quality of our products and service.

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