What's the shopping mall LED poster?


A type of screen was named poster shape led screen advertising(Shopping mall LED poster).This is a simple and portable advertising machine. Poster shape LED screen advertising is s type of screen’s shape like a piece of post,but,so many people call it mirror scree,because it is same with ground mirror’s shape.In some store gate,will have this classify screen.

shopping mall LED poster

Shopping mall LED poster feature:
1.Ultra slim and lightweight : only with 40mm, and 45 kgs for weight, portable and easy to move.

2.Front service ability : module replacement from front side with a handle magnet.

3.Plug and play, update digital content at any time through wifi,USB.

4.Widely application : apply to shopping mall, cinema, theatre, clubs, banks, luxury stores, airport, exhibition hall, conference room, squares, concerts etc.

5.Multiple installation methods: standing, hoisting, hanging, Multi-screen.

6.High refresh rate : 3840hz and adjustable brightness (600~1200nits).

7.High definition and high contrast ratio 3000:1, support 720P and 1080P videos.

shopping mall LED poster

This indoor movable poster widely used in shopping mall, hotel, wedding hall, meeting or New products presentation, 4S shop, high-end chain store and metro station or airports. Led poster screen which using light-emitting diodes as a video and graphic display are more and more popular in the commercial buildings because of attractive shape, energy-saving and user friendly. LED poster screen is widely used for shopping mall for advertising and new products launch.

shopping mall LED poster

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