What are the characteristics of the movable LED display?


Generally, the LED display screen we see is fixed, and the position is rarely changed after installation. However, there are also some LED displays that need to be replaced frequently, such as LED rental screens, caravan LED displays, etc. Led rental screen is mainly used for leasing to the project contractor, such as stage performance, activity performance, tour performance, etc; The caravan LED display screen is mainly used for mobile publicity, temporary performance projects, etc. the characteristics of such LED display screens are that they need to be moved frequently to meet the requirements of different customers, different projects or different venues.

So, what characteristics should these movable LED displays have?

1). For the LED display screen that needs to be moved frequently, a single box cannot be too heavy, which is mainly to facilitate the splicing, handling, disassembly and assembly of the box. If the box is too heavy, the handling and disassembly will be slow and the efficiency is not high.

2). The waterproof and dust-proof level is at least IP65, which is mainly because many performance projects are completed outdoors, and rain and dust are inevitable outdoors. The protection level of IP65 or above can prevent rain or dust from entering the display screen, thus effectively protecting the LED display screen.

3). The power box of the display screen shall be easy to disassemble and the power supply shall be easy to replace. Because the LED display screen that is often disassembled, installed and debugged has a certain loss on the power supply, relatively speaking, the failure rate of the power supply will be higher than that of other components. Making the structure of the power box easy to replace is conducive to maintaining the long-term stable operation of the entire display screen.

4). The power supply of the display screen shall have the function of power sharing backup. Current sharing backup mainly refers to that when one or several power supplies in a large screen fail, the nearby power supplies will automatically supply power to the display screen, so that the entire LED display screen will not be black due to the failure of some power supplies. This function is extremely important for the LED display screen leased by Wumei. If the LED display screen used for the stage matching with the background performance is black due to the failure of a certain power supply, it will affect the effect of the whole program, give the audience a bad experience and leave a bad impression. The current sharing backup function of the power supply solves this problem well.

With people's higher requirements for stage performances and more and more kinds of art performances, the market demand for movable LED displays is also growing. Therefore, when selecting a movable LED display screen, it is necessary to consider the above-mentioned characteristics of the LED display screen.