Precautions for LED display screen during operation


LED display screen is often used as the carrier of outdoor advertising, and its protection requirements are much higher than ordinary display screen. In the process of use, due to different environments, such as high temperature, typhoon, rainstorm, lightning and other adverse weather. In order to ensure the normal operation of the display screen, it is necessary to take corresponding protective measures when installing and operating the LED display screen.

In the high temperature environment, LED display screen generally has a large area, consumes more power during use, and the corresponding heat dissipation needs will be greater. Under high temperature conditions, if the heat dissipation problem cannot be solved in time, it is very likely to cause short circuit or burning of the circuit board. In order to avoid this problem, hollow design shall be adopted as far as possible in the design of display screen shell, which is conducive to heat dissipation. During installation, full consideration shall be given to maintaining good air permeability. If necessary, heat dissipation equipment can be installed for heat dissipation, such as air conditioner or fan, so that the display screen can dissipate excess heat faster.

In coastal areas, in the face of severe weather conditions such as strong winds and typhoons, in order to prevent the outdoor LED display from falling off, the load-bearing steel structure of the display must be designed accordingly. The design and installation shall be carried out in strict accordance with the anti typhoon grade standard, and the display screen shall have a certain anti-seismic capacity, so as to ensure that the outdoor LED display screen will not fall off, causing dangerous losses, even casualties and other accidents.

In the rainy south, due to the high rainfall and humid climate, the LED display screen needs corresponding waterproof protection to avoid corrosion by rain. In the outdoor environment, the waterproof of the outdoor LED display screen should reach IP65 protection grade, the module should be filled and sealed, and the waterproof shell should be installed to ensure that the rain can not damage the display screen!

In summer and autumn, lightning protection must also be provided. If there is no protection range of high-rise buildings and lightning protection facilities near the large LED screen, lightning rods shall be installed on or near the screen; The power supply system of the display screen adopts 1-2 level power lightning protection, the signal line adopts signal lightning protection device, and the power supply system of the machine room adopts three-level lightning protection; The conductive structure of all LED displays shall be grounded; The grounding system of the front end of the outdoor LED display screen and the machine room shall meet the system requirements. The installation and layout shall be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant lightning protection standards to ensure that the lightning will cause irreversible damage to the display device!