Brief analysis of the benefits of dynamic energy-saving technology for LED display


Dynamic energy-saving technology is the chip's active recommendation when reading flash memory information. It is not recommended to realize dynamic energy saving and power consumption reduction without information flashing requirements. Skills can save 10% - 30% of neng (depending on image quality). This is like the active start and stop skills of cars. When the clutch scooter is in a discontinuous state, it is recommended that the machine run violently and intermittently. When the clutch pedal is released, it is recommended that the machine actively recommend it to save unnecessary fuel consumption.

When the LED display flashes black (continuous power supply), the PWM-SS dual-saving drive IC will put the intermittent operation into the sleep state. The dual-energy drive IC will actively adjust the current according to the brightness of the flash screen. The lower the brightness of the playback screen, the lower the power consumption. The dual-electric drive IC actively adjusts the current according to the richness and saturation of the flicker image color. For example, play a slide that contains only text. The text is white and the other areas are black. At this time, only the text flash area will consume power. When the whole large screen is in the standby state (continuous power supply) of the video screen, the whole display consumes almost no power.

In addition to dynamic power saving, dual power saving drive IC only uses 4V power supply, with low voltage of 27%. At the same time, PWM-SS dual-energy drive IC has DS-PWM energy saving function, high-speed and high-order PWM drive IC4K, 3840Hz refresh rate and other functions. The gray-scale processing is more embarrassing. Moreover, the surface temperature of the working display is reduced by 30%, and the brightness is not reduced.

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