What are the advantages of LED outdoor display over ordinary media?


LED outdoor display screens are usually set up at the main entrance of shopping malls, as well as outdoor large-scale display screens that are common to outdoor roads. Whether outdoor advertising can be achieved by our customers can achieve a good advertising effect, in addition to being closely related to the location, it also depends on the large The manifestation of outdoor billboards.

1. Outdoor media with various forms of advertising
Everyone knows that high-rise buildings in shopping malls are equipped with LED full-color screens for advertising, and highway displays are mostly installed in eye-catching positions on roads, such as above highway toll booths, on both sides of highways, and across highways or city streets. The characteristics of brightness and synchronous playback of images, texts, sounds and images bring a certain visual impact to people. In recent years, China's outdoor advertising industry has been growing at a double-digit percentage every year, and the proportion of all the total advertising is also increasing year by year. Among them, the annual growth rate of outdoor LED display media advertising has always exceeded 30 %.

2. Long delivery effect and high income
Compared with other forms such as TV advertisements, outdoor LED screens can also broadcast public welfare content such as city publicity videos, so they are not easily disgusted by the audience, and the acceptance rate is significantly higher than traditional TV advertisements. At the same time, it can also play a role in beautifying the city's image and enriching people's spare time, becoming a display window for the brand image and city image. Support 24 hours of uninterrupted broadcast of all-weather information dissemination needs. And it has excellent performances such as waterproof, lightning protection, and earthquake resistance. The LED outdoor display has its own energy-saving and environmentally friendly product characteristics. It can adapt to the application requirements of harsh outdoor environments. With its high brightness performance, the display effect is not easily affected by the environment, so it can ensure the effect of outdoor transmission.

3. Excellent outdoor location
The roads with superior geographic location and denser population have more outdoor LED full-color screens on the roadside. For example, city overpasses, pedestrian bridges, cross-road billboards at crossroads, highway imports and exports, service areas, stations, terminals, airports and other places are mostly billboards. The advantage is that these lots are often deceleration areas for vehicles and pedestrians, and the large-scale, gorgeous pictures can create a stronger visual impact. In today's era of information explosion, this unique form of monetization is often easier to stand out from the overwhelming advertising, effectively communicate with the audience, and achieve the purpose of brand image and public information dissemination.

Although with the gradual saturation of the market in first-tier cities, more LED display screens are stationed in second- and third-tier cities, again setting off an outdoor LED boom. Therefore, if manufacturers want to win the favor of advertisers, they must provide high-quality LED outdoor display that can meet the needs of advertisers.