The special-shaped stage LED display is becoming more and more popular.


Nowadays, the stage led display is more and more widely used in the field of digital dance, such as concert stage, TV column stage, or large-scale event stage, etc. The stage led display has a delicate picture, high-definition display, and flexible application. I like it more and more.

For example, the more popular Chinese-Italian activities, China's good voice, just a week to set up the stage. In the selection of led display, they chose the stage LED special-shaped screen that has emerged in recent years. In the use of the concert, the stage LED display is spliced into a special shape to win with a unique three-dimensional sense. This new led display with a sense of planning and a sense of technology combines the virtual space with the scene and presents a vivid expression. And the three-dimensional space, the created picture is delicate and vivid, which is more impactful than the real scenery, allowing the audience to obtain more sensory experience outside the performance, which in turn affects the psychological changes of the audience and makes the audience immersive Feeling.

In addition, with the increase of major commercial performances and the rise of led displays in the field of digital dance, the application of stage LED displays has also led to the prosperity of the led display rental industry. LED rental displays have a light weight. The structure is simple, easy to disassemble and other advantages, to meet the rapid installation of the rental market, high protection, bump resistance and other characteristics, so the rental led display can be used in major commercial performances. The stage LED display is a type of rental.