How to choose a good quality outdoor LED display?


As LED advertising has gradually become one of the important forms of advertising, the production and manufacturing of outdoor LED display screens have been driven. There are thousands of display screen brands on the market, and the product quality is uneven. So how to choose from many products What about good quality outdoor LED displays? Aurora King believes that you can start from the following points:

1. Energy saving of products
Generally, outdoor LED display screens consume more power than indoor screens. Many LED advertising screen products on the market need to be equipped with cooling equipment to help cool down after installation. This is undoubtedly more energy loss and increasing costs. , You can buy the LED screen itself with heat dissipation materials. In terms of energy saving and waterproof performance, the Aurora King display is well done, and the entire module cover screen body is reinforced with engineering-grade glue. In terms of energy saving, the module is loaded with a large area of heat spreader aluminum sheet, which is a very good heat dissipation material and also a very lightweight material, which can allow the screen body to quickly dissipate heat and extend its life. The circuit inside the screen has also been optimized.

2. Stability
Many outdoor LED display products on the market will spontaneously ignite the screen after a certain period of time. Part of the reason is the aging of the screen of the screen; and part of the reason is that it occurs at the power interface due to short circuit. So when you buy, you should not only pay attention to the quality of the screen but also the stability of the power interface.

3. Water resistance of the product
Because outdoor LED displays work outdoors for a long time, they have to face the complex outdoor weather environment, so the waterproofness of the product is very important. When purchasing, you can choose to buy LED products covered by the entire module, which are less eroded and oxidized. Area, it can be waterproof and better protect the screen.

All in all, the purchase of outdoor LED display is nothing more than a comprehensive consideration from the three aspects of waterproof, energy saving and stability, it is very important to choose their own products.