Why maintenance is important to sustain your LED screen life service?


The maintenance costs of LED billboards are an important part of the total costs. It mainly consists of three aspects: the cost of modules-replacing or repairing, the cost of power supply and cards and cables replacing , and the maintenance cost of various minor faults.

When the LED screen is broken, you need to check which parts are outwork, modules, power supply, receiving card or cables, it requires users to invite cranes and staff to go to the local LED billboard to check which part is broke, and then to replace or repair the damaged parts.

So, you need to understand how much to rent the cranes and local labor costs.

In this part, you will need to have a technical engineer who is well-known about how to find out the problems and solve the problems.

You could come to China to learn how does it work if you want to work in this business as the led display distributor.

However, If you are the end customer, you need talk with your supplier if they have any service office in your country or you need to find the LED display installation company to help you to solve the problem.

About the replacement spare parts.

For each order, you need to ask at least 5% spare the same batch LED module from your led billboard manufacturer, because there is no way to find or buy the same color, same brightness spare led module in the future.

Some led display companies will provide three-year quality assurance.

Within three-year quality assurance, customers can send damaged modules back to China.

Also, we will repair them free of charge.

However, the customers need to pay the single freight cost from your country to China.

So the Chinese LED display supplier will pay the freight from China to your country.

After the warranty expired three years later, you need to repair the modules by yourself, here is an excellent article or can send them back to China, we can fix them free of charge. However, you need to pay for the shipping cost.

If the customer company has its technology, we will teach the customer how to repair the led module for free.

For the replacement of spare parts, the company will provide a one-year free replacement of power supplier/control cards/cables.

You only need to pay the freight.

One year later, if there is any damage to the power supplier/control card/cables, we will provide the original price to the customer to purchase.

Generally speaking, it is always working correctly in 3 years without maintenance if it has an excellent environment of the installation place and if you buy a good quality led billboard.

You must already have the invest back after three years, so, it is okay to not account in maintenance cost for the amount led billboard cost.