SEP reached an agency cooperation model with Brazilian customers


Shinepoint five LED screen application product series include: Regular series, stage rental series, intelligent application series, special-shaped customization series and conceptual technology innovation series. With a registered capital of 14.5 million and a trademark registered by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the company specializes in serving middle and high-end LED display users such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and foreign trade for more than 8 years. It is a long-term supply partner for some LED display application products of listed companies of many well-known LED application product manufacturers in Shenzhen.

Recently, Shinepoint welcomed the Brazilian professional LED display engineer guests to visit and inspect. Brazilian guests are mainly engaged in LED display rental business and LED display sales, engineering installation services, is a very professional LED screen engineering application solution provider. This visit mainly targeted to examine the LED soft module, indoor and outdoor LED disc screen, P4.81 stage rental LED screen and IPAD wireless intelligent control screen series of several hot-selling products in the export market at the present stage.

General Manager Lin of Shinepoint Taiwan Branch accompanied the guests down to the manufacturing workshop and watched the main production processes and processes of some products on the spot. Focuses on introducing to the guests some innovative management methods and means adopted by Shinepoint in product quality control. Shinepoint Electronic's innovation achievements and LED display concept technological innovation product planning is also an aspect that guests are very interested in it.

The Brazilian guests'2-day inspection itinerary is tight without losing fun, but also fruitful, and successfully signed an agency cooperation agreement with Shinepoint Electronic Through this contact with Brazilian guests, Shinepoint Electronic has further learned about the characteristics and development of the local LED display application market in Brazil, and has initially formulated a preliminary framework for the follow-up and active expansion of the local market. Relying on the local resources of the visiting Brazilian guests and the targeted product development and innovation of Shinepoint Electronic, it is believed that in the near future, we will be able to make a good start in the Brazilian market and lay a solid foundation for friendship and win-win between the two sides.