How to check if your display screen needs a power distribution?


The function of LED display distribution cabinet is to distribute electric energy to various load parts by power distribution control, and to protect against power outage in case of circuit short circuit, overload and leakage. It mainly supplies power to the LED screen, which supports AC380V power input, air switch protection, and 220V power output. The chassis is specially designed to prevent the possibility of leakage, which is safer to use and has a power indicator.

The power distribution equipment adopts AC three-phase five-wire system. The LED display screen distribution cabinet divides the three phases into three phases and zero voltage for the display screen. The distribution equipment can be remotely controlled in the control room. 

Distribution cabinet for LED full-color screen is indispensable, unless the power is very small, for example, less than 3 square LED transparent screen, can be directly connected to the power outlet, that is, municipal power supply; but in general, when the screen body is large, we all need to turn 380V strong electricity into 220V, and then to switching power supply which in screen body, switching power supply will turn 220V into 5V (the exact value is less than 5V), and then to LED lamp In engineering, the distribution cabinet is generally placed inside the steel structure or near the screen.