Configuration rules for distribution cabinets


As the LED display screen is a large electronic equipment, good power distribution equipment is one of the important conditions for the system to work reliably. LED display screen is powered by a large number of switching power supply and Capacitive load. When the screen body starts, the instantaneous current is extremely large, which is easy to impact the power grid and cause damage to electrical equipment. Therefore, for the display screen whose power exceeds 20KW, it should be equipped with distribution cabinet with the function of power up step by step. (the capacity of the distribution cabinet should refer to the calculation method of the maximum power of the screen body. )

The square meter of LED display screen nowadays are often more than ten square meters, even to hundred square meter, the whole screen power is relatively large. For high-power appliances in the use of safety needs to be extra cautious, at any time because of lightning and overload caused by short circuit, burning screen, fire and other major safety accidents. If only a small problem with the switch power supply caused millions of LED screens to malfunction, it would be an unworthy loss. And some users look for electricians on the market to customize distribution cabinets according to electricity consumption. it is necessary to find professional electricians to communicate technical matters face-to-face, for fear that omissions will cause installation trouble and waste a lot of time and energy. Users can choose the number of power configuration circuits according to different areas of the display screen, and is access to 0-250KW usually.

Generally speaking, outdoor screens of more than 100 inches should be driven by two power distribution cabinets. The reason is that if the main exposed cable of the distribution cabinet is too long, it will lead to excessive loss, and the actual power supply capacity is less than the theoretical value of the distribution cabinet. Therefore, when the screen body is too large (mainly because the height is too high), it is recommended to use more than two distribution cabinets for regional power supply to shorten the length of the out cable.