What is the LED module procedure?


Today let me show you our LED production line for the LED display screen.

The modules divided into two side: PCB back side mounted with Drive IC, power and data connector. PCB front side, namely fixed LED lamps as below:


Let’s look the first machine -- oven machine which dry the lamps to ensure long lifespan. The temperature configuration is usually 60-70 Degrees Celsius.

Now, let’s get the point. walk you through the SMT machine, before that, the PCB board will be printing with Glue to keep all components stable. 

Then with drive IC, power connector and data connector mounted. After finished, the boards will be transfer to reflow soldering machine to make all components stable.

There will be a QC worker here to check whether it works well. If there are broken parts. We'll mark it with stickers. If no problem. The parts which has no problem will be sent to the glue machine. After that. It will enter into the most important  part -- SMD machine, which fixed lamps to PCB board. The last procedure, Going through the finished PCB by reflow soldering machine. 

After that, the whole module part is finished. The upcoming step is Module-testing. If there are something broken, we will have a quick repair at once. All are work, it will be assemble with the structure. Then we will see the whole aging working shop to the complete screen.