How will the LED display industry structure change as the market recovers?


1. Stage rental market

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the cultural and travel industry has basically been in a stagnant state, LED displays have completely entered the "winter" in the rental market, and LED rental display companies have encountered unprecedented challenges. Until May, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Guidelines for the Reopening of Theaters and Other Performance Places to Prevent and Control Measures against Epidemics" and other notices, guiding the opening of theaters and other performance venues. This is regarded as the LED display finally ushering in the spring in the field of stage and beauty.


Not long ago, the National Film Bureau of the National Film Administration issued the "Notice on Promoting the Reopening of Cinemas in an Orderly Way under Conditions of Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control", which mentioned that cinemas in low-risk areas can be reopened on July 20. The opening of venues across the country, the restart of movie theaters, the restart of theatrical performances and competitions will undoubtedly bring positive confidence to LED display companies and end users, and contribute to the explosion of the stage rental and cinema screen market.

2. LED Conference Market

Remote video conferencing has been used in government departments, medical institutions, corporate groups, and education, and its acceptance is also increasing, which will bring new increments to the development of the small-pitch LED display market.

3. Exhibition market

In the second half of the year, major exhibitions and exhibitions will be gradually opened up, and large-scale exhibitions closely related to LED displays will also be held one after another. All this will show that the LED display market will usher in a "recovery" in the second half of this year.

After the LED display industry has experienced the baptism of the epidemic, the economic recovery has brought more market opportunities. The increase in the stage rental market, conference market, education market, and security market has further promoted the acceleration of the LED display industry, which is benign cycle.


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