How to eliminate the hidden dangers in the use of LED rental screens?


LED stage rental screens often collapse resulting in casualties, display manufacturers should invest more time and energy to eliminate security risks. How to eliminate this security hidden danger? It is mainly controlled from the following four aspects:

1. Structure design

Stage background LED screen is usually relatively large, stacked very high, some choose to hoist, there will be a lot of performers, staff and audience around the stage. The installation time of all kinds of activities is generally short, and there is no long time to check and troubleshoot the connection between the each panel. Structural safety should be the primary concern in the process of LED display screen. MFG should pay more attention to the design of the Lock of the rental display panel to ensure that it can be seen at first glance whether the box is tightened and fixed and troubleshooting.

2. The cabinet material of LED rental screen.  

We start with the material of the LED rental cabinet, so that the weight of each LED panel of display screen is lighter, such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and so on; this can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of the screen. This design can not only reduce the load of the display screen bracket and improve the safety performance, but also be lower labor-cost to the installation and conductive maintenance.

3. Standard installation and correct use manual.

To ensure the safety of stacking and hanging, LED display renters should strictly control the LED panel quantities stacked or hung and choose appropriate installation methods and high-hardness brackets according to the on-site environment.  

4. Safety training for operators

For rental of LED display equipment, professional training is a necessary for operators to do basic maintenance and equipment maintenance adjustments, such as analysis and handling of common faults, familiarity with control system and video processing.


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