Mini LED concept stocks strong, industry development will enter the fast lane


1. giants have layout, driving the industry to flourish.


With the new technology, the Mini-LED is about to hit the ground. In backlight application, Mini LED can replace the

traditional LED backlight in LCD display, which has the characteristics of energy saving, light and thin, wide color range,

super high contrast, fine dynamic partition, and can greatly improve the display effect of LCD panel, it can approach or

exceed the level of OLED, and has long life and cost advantages over OLED. In the display application, the Mini LED display

is the result of the further reduction of the size and spacing of the small-pitch LED chip, mainly targeting the high-end

small-pitch market. The Mini LED has attracted much attention because of its broad market prospects, with traditional

display manufacturers and color TV manufacturers Split Second to speed up the introduction of the Mini-LED product.

Apple is expected to release a Mini LED iPad Pro and a Macbook Pro from the end of this year to early next year.

has a layout for both back-lighting and direct display applications, and mass production of glass-based Mini LED

Back-lighting will begin in the second half of this year, mini LED apps on the horizon. In addition, Micro leds are in the

pipeline, and Apple Acquired Luxvue in 2014 to acquire Micro LED technology. Micro LED has a cumulative investment of

nearly 4.8 billion US dollars, nearly 5,500 patents have been filed, the largest companies have laid out Micro LED

technology in advance, driving the industry to flourish, the future is expected to continue to expand market space.

With Apple's upcoming Mini LED backlight, demand for Mini leds will grow and manufacturers will be encouraged to

expand capacity. Industry sources believe that it is difficult for a single manufacturer to meet such a large volume of

shipments, and the major LED chip manufacturers will have the opportunity to divide up Samsung, apple and follow-up

manufacturers of large customers, so various upstream LED chip manufacturers have layout, to get a piece of the action.

Mini LED related enterprises "free ride" follow-up, is to actively embrace Samsung and apple and other leading enterprises

to lead the industrial trend, enjoy industrial scale expansion, industrial value rise, industrial dividend spillover moment.


2. the patent continued to grow, the industry ushered in a new wave of innovation and development


The market demand of Mini LED can be foreseen, at present the industry is most concerned about besides the technology,

the related patents have also become the focus of the market. If technical ability determines whether a manufacturer can

enter the Mini LED market, the patent layout determines how far a manufacturer can go in the Mini LED market.

In February 2019, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) issued a new patent from apple entitled "Display

Modules and system applications" . Clearly, the Mini LED patent war, although quiet, but it is already the undercurrent of

the surge. In 2017, a number of manufacturers in China have applied for the layout of Mini LED related patents, with a

total of 17 applications filed in 2017. In 2018, the number of applications exploded, bringing the total to 92, with major

manufacturers adding their Mini LED related patent layouts. In 2019, another 64 patents were added, and by 2019, the

total number of Mini LED patents filed in China had reached 173. The past two years have been a boom period for Mini's

patent filings, which are expected to continue to grow in the coming years as research and development continues.

The domestic Mini LED industrial environment is far superior to other regions. Upstream has the world's largest LED chip

production capacity, and downstream has the world's largest LCD production base, including panels and complete

machines, the Superior Industrial Environment provides a better R & D ENVIRONMENT FOR DOMESTIC MINI LED

manufacturers. It can be predicted that the number of domestic Mini LED patents will continue to increase in the future

with the continuous investment of R & D and continuous improvement of technology, which will strongly guarantee the

healthy development of domestic Mini LED industry.

For LED enterprises, patent layout for the future development and positioning of enterprises have a decisive impact. At

present, some enterprises actively layout patents, forming a strong and effective patent protection network, but also have

a weak sense of patent protection, let peers have an opportunity. For the Mini LED market at this stage, the more core

technology you have, the more you will have a say in the future market, the more you will take the initiative in the market

competition, and to a certain extent, the unprecedented popularity of the Mini related patent applications, more and

more domestic LED enterprises began to focus on cultivating their core technology, more and more attention to the patent

layout, the market order will be more orderly.


In short, the Mini LED enters the boom cycle, the industry chain will accelerate the increase in the penetration of Mini LED,

apple and other giants are expected to lead LED industry to flourish, Mini LED will become the next growth point of the

LED industry. New Products emerge one after another, the enterprise expands continuously, the patent layout speeds up,

the cost continues to reduce, the entire industry chain speeds up and so on, all indicate that the industry has already seen

the market potential of Mini LED, and is deeply ploughing, widening the industry new racetrack.