The trend of large size LED conference integrated machine


This year's public health emergency has accelerated the market penetration of cloud conferencing systems and software video conferencing, while offline conference room equipment has been upgraded with the development of technology,

especially the display screen, with the birth of the new generation display technology of Mini LED/Micro LED, the function of the large size LED conference integrated machine is becoming more and more perfect, and the future replacement

space is huge, such as Ledman Optoelectronics, Aoto Electronics, and other large-screen ultra-high-definition display enterprises will enjoy the conference equipment products upgrade dividends.


Domestic videoconferencing industry mainly by government agencies, health, education, finance and other areas of public institutions and enterprises to drive demand, the entire market scale year by year. In recent years, the growth rate has

remained above 20% . In 2019, China's video conference market was estimated to be 21.19 billion yuan, and it is expected that by 2022, China's video conference market will reach 44.57 billion yuan.


In the traditional conference market, companies have been using more projectors and LCD liquid crystal display for the past two years, the introduction of large-size LED conference machine began to slowly replace and solve the projector

small black room, LCD small size and other limitations. From the current layout of many LED enterprises in large size LED conference one machine, size range in 110-220 inches, LED one machine brightness, color gamut, saturation values are

higher, but also a single screen size without visual stitching, can satisfy many people to watch, is the medium-sized conference room first.


In particular, the outbreak of public health emergencies this year has caused many enterprises and institutions to need to move and work remotely. In such scenarios as the emergency response and command centers of government agencies,

school teaching systems, and remote consultation for medical treatment, large-scale meeting display system is preferred by users. With superior performance to quickly open the market, large-scale LED conference one machine to replace the

future of traditional equipment space is huge.


In the first half of this year, LED display enterprises launched new products, focusing on the conference market. Such as Ledman optoelectronic, Aoto electronics, Absen, Unilumin and other mainstream enterprises this year on the promotion of large-scale LED all-in-one machine have done their utmost to seize market share.


For example, at the 2020 China International Display Industry Conference held recently, Ledman Optoelectronics demonstrated its 138-inch Lehman LEDHUB smart conference system, attracted a number of participants close observation, Experience Drawing, play and conference functions, the participants were unanimous praise. On the 17th,Ledman optronics on LEDHUB intelligent conference system in Huizhou Culture, Radio, Tourism and Sports Bureau successfully completed the acceptance, delivery and training work, officially put into use.


As early as the end of 2019, ledman optronics launched LEDHUB smart conference system and completed several projects at home and abroad, compared with traditional video conference system, the Micro LED ultra-high definition display built

into the Ledman photoelectric LEDHUB intelligent conference system based on COB technology has the advantages of high protection, high reliability, high definition, excellent picture quality and low energy consumption, three-dimensional

scene display more lifelike picture can convey far more than the ordinary picture of the details of information, large quantities of complex data can be intuitive display. At the same time, it runs both Windows and Android, allowing

seamless switching. Highly Integrated Whiteboard writing, file management, wireless screen projection, video conferencing and other practical functions in one, so that users can not see clearly, not connected, writing inconvenience,

no remote pain point, make the connection between daily office meeting and remote video meeting more intelligent and convenient.


For example, Aoto Electronics, in response to the special situation in the first half of the year, Aoto Electronics moved theoffline new product conference to the online in the form of live broadcast, and held several Mini LED conferences as one

online live broadcast training promotion, the product is an important strategic product of Alto Electronics in 2020, with the advantages of large size, extreme display, green and safe application, high protection and super environmental adaptability, it can be widely used in smart city, Conference Education, broadcasting, medical treatment, telecommunication, public utilities and other fields.


The past two years, especially last year is the beginning of large-scale LED conference one machine layout, and this year ushered in an explosion of market demand, large size has become a high ground for manufacturers. For the Chinese

conference market, the conference upgrade, the demand upgrade, the single intelligent hardware is more difficult to meet the personalized needs of different enterprises. With the application of large-scale LED integrated machine in the industry, will create a new round of LED display growth.