Why load-bearing base of Rental LED screen needs to set up in Activities?


Nowadays, LED display screen is widely used in a variety of activities, and it is an indispensable building content in the event. From the point of view of the executive builder of the activity, let's talk about why the LED display screen construction needs to set up a load-bearing base and counterweight separately. 

First, the structure of LED rental screen.

LED rental screen consists of a screen body (Regular specifications are 0.5m * 0.5m * about 8cm thick) and a back-support structure (approx 0.7mW * 1mH for steel and iron frames).


Second, why to set the load-bearing base and counterweight separately? 

Unsafe for the LED display screen to rely on its own structure, and it is necessary to be equipped with foundation or counterweight separately. 


1. Less than 4m at indoor Activities;

Aluminum alloy stage base shall be built separately when the height no more than 4m. Holding the stage base foot with straps, and place counterweights on the back-support at the same time. Cause the stage used in venues such as hotels may not have a load-bearing capacity.


2. More than 4m at indoor activities.

When the height is more than 4m. there is a additional necessity to increase the grid frame to bear the load.


3. Outdoor activities.

Because of the outdoor uncertain weather (Strong wind). A separate grid should be equipped with when the height of stage is more than 3m.


Why is it necessary to set up a load-bearing base and counterweight for the construction of stage LED screen?

Just to be safer