Tips to buy outdoor LED billboard


Tips to buy outdoor LED billboard


The most important decision you will have to make when you plan to purchase a outdoor LED billboards. There are many factors to consider here.

Purpose of billboard

There are mainly 2 kind of purpose to use with outdoor LED billboard. One for daily advertisement, including public information, product image details delivered. The other for public activities, such as outdoor movies. We’d better have clear idea what is used for before buying LED billboard. As It will identify whether fixed outdoor billboard or rental/mobile LED billboard needed.

Pixel pitch selection

After we finished the type of outdoor billboard selection, then we should take the screen specification into consideration. So what is spec should we choose? while, P8 and P10 are usually better for outdoor use, take a P10 as a example, which means the minimum best viewing distance is 10m. So how far away do you want it to be seen? Depends on the optimal choice.

Installation method.

Up so now, we have settle down the type and spec of our outdoor LED billboard. When it comes to outdoor fixed LED screen, we cannot avoid the installation issue. The regular installation method as the pictures as below:

The most common installation methods we met are wall-mounted and single/double-pole installation. What is the most suitable installation for you depends on you ad location.

Selection of control way.

Then, we have to bring the operation system out. Obviously, automation is the key operation for any system. Totally, the control system is divided into two format, namely, synchronous and asynchronous. No matter which type we choose, one principle we should follow, user-friendly.

Cooling system.

At last, when the matter relates to outdoor LED billboard, cooling system is surely a major concern. As it always exposes in the direct sun, the temperature of inner LED screen could make the eggs steamed. It is a must for LED screen manufacturer to equip the air conditioner and electricity fan.