How to make tests to LED screen before delivery?


As we know, test is a must before we buy a cargo. The LED display screen is no exception as well. So, what kind of tests of LED large screen are supposed to be tested?, we call it as Aging Tests, which refer to work long time without problem, it is vital part production to ensure the stable operation of video wall, thus the aging test is usually more than 72 hours before delivery.

What kind of items included in aging tests?

LED screen body


The tolerance of modules flatness should be within +_1mm, only in this range, there will be no concave and convex on surface of screen, it make sure the displaying video without blind angle. It mainly depends on the assembly process of workers, we can avoid it by improve workers carefulness. In most case, we usually recommend Die-cast aluminum LED cabinet for indoor LED screen, which has higher requirement to flatness, because aluminum cabinet process by CNC, it has higher precision than steel cabinet.

Dead point problem

After flatness adjusted, then we will light up screen, the Dead point problem checking should be a priority. It refers to Light-Black pixel, it is the problems of LED lamps, we usually label all Dead Pixels out and then exchange all dead pixels.

Used outside, water-proof

If the screen used outside, we have to make a water-proof test with High-pressure water flushing gun.

LED screen display effect


Except the screen body test, supplier should follow the requirement of customer to brightness. We have to make it tested with light-test machine.

Color consistence

There are usually two difference should be paid attention, one is obvious color difference between neighboring modules, the other is the color of video displayed on the screen should be highly consistent with the color of the video source to ensure the authenticity of video.