The working principle of the LED fixed screen


LED display screen is a new type of information display media. It is a plane display screen composed of LED dot matrix module or pixel unit. Figure 2 shows 8 × Structure diagram of 8-dot matrix LED display screen. From the figure, 8 × A total of 64 light-emitting diodes are required for the 8-dot matrix, and each light-emitting diode is placed at the intersection of row line and column line. When a corresponding row is set to high level and a column is set to low level, the corresponding diode will be lit.
For example, when you want to display text, you can light up the corresponding diode according to the strokes of the text, so as to achieve the purpose of displaying text. The complete lattice can be composed of 16 × 16、32 × 32 and other components of the display module.

Each pixel of single primary color LED display screen is composed of one single color LED, that is, each pixel contains one LED; Each pixel of the dual primary color LED display screen is composed of two kinds of monochrome LED, that is, each dual primary color pixel contains two LED; For the three primary color full-color LED display screen, the diodes that make up the pixel points include three or more, such as three diodes that emit red light, green light and blue light respectively, so that the purpose of color display can be achieved according to the color matching principle of the three primary colors; In order to improve the display effect, some displays may be composed of four diodes: two red LEDs, one green LED and one blue LED.