What are the requirements for LED fixed screen production?


The built-in installation method of large LED fixed screen is mainly aimed at the installation method on the outer wall of the building. Generally speaking, a steel structure will be installed on the wall, and then the outdoor LED advertising screen will be embedded with the steel structure as the support.

The step-type installation method is mainly to install a two-color led fixed screen or a full-color led fixed screen on the facade of the steps, and a high-density led fixed screen series led fixed screen. The observation distance is generally 3 meters away. . When all the stair facades are connected to play the video, the LED fixed screen will present a very beautiful display effect. If there is a relatively dull feeling at close range, this depends on the size of the outdoor LED fixed screen.

The hoisting type is generally used on the stage and when there is no outdoor wall to support it. It mainly uses the designed steel structure to hang the outdoor led fixed screen on the structure. In the case of temporary use of outdoor led fixed screen, the advantages of the hoisting method are obvious.

The wall-mounted outdoor led fixed screen is mainly installed outside the wall. Generally, there will be force points on the wall. Hang the outdoor led fixed screen on the wall and use the wall as a fixed support. The biggest feature of the front-maintenance installation method is maintenance. It is very convenient to replace accessories. Maintenance personnel can directly open the screen from the front of the outdoor LED fixed screen to operate.