What is the minimum P-point spacing for outdoor HD large screen display?


What is the minimum P-point spacing for outdoor HD large screen display? P2 and P2 are commonly used for indoor meetings 5. If it is in an outdoor environment, the cost of using small spacing LEDs is usually high. When selecting, you can evaluate from the following latitudes:

Actual display area

When the display area is large, products with large spacing are often used for large screens. When human vision does not focus on the point, but on the whole large picture, the influence of the number of pixels per unit area is weakened.

Actual viewing distance

For example, when the viewing distance is within 6 meters, even outdoors, small spacing LEDs will be considered. If the distance is greater than 30m, large spacing products above P10 can be considered at this time. Generally, you can refer to the following figure for selection:

Overall project budget

When the viewing requirements and display definition requirements are met, the spacing selection shall be adjusted appropriately. For example, adjust P8 to P13. For some modules with large demand, sometimes the spacing is small and the price is not necessarily high (relative to the adjacent spacing).

We all know that P stands for pixel spacing, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between pixels of the display module, which is usually called point spacing in the LED industry. The smaller the pixel spacing, the clearer the display is, and the closer the screen is suitable for viewing. Therefore, for LED outdoor display, if the distance is close, P2 is recommended For the display screen between p15 and p12, if the distance is far, it is recommended to use the display screen between P15. If the distance is far, it is recommended to use the display screen between p16-p25.

Compared with indoor LED display, outdoor LED advertising screen should have higher resolution index to meet the display effect in various long-distance or high light environments. The resolution of traditional LCD can only reach 1024x768. According to the actual test data, the resolution of the display equipment for outdoor application must be more than 1920x1200 in order to display normally under the influence of sunlight. For LED advertising screen, the resolution will not become a big problem in its application and promotion.

The outdoor environment is changeable

In order to make the outdoor LED display adapt to the chaotic problems such as waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, lightning protection, anti riot, reflection and electromagnetic interference, we need to think and solve them.

Outdoor display must be waterproof and dustproof:

If you want to use it outdoors, waterproof and dustproof is the first problem to face. The protection grade of the display equipment shell must reach the protection grade, and the general waterproof grade must reach ipx5, which can operate normally in heavy rain. Dust is an important factor to reduce display efficiency and accelerate display aging. Outdoor display equipment shall have specially designed dust-proof structure and dust filter, and the dust-proof grade shall reach IP65.

When the game area is less than 20 square meters, it is recommended to set P2. It is recommended to use the LED full-color display between p5-p10, with a display area of 30-100 square meters and a viewing distance of 10 meters. It is recommended to use the LED large screen between p10-p16.

If the area is ≥ 100 square meters and the viewing distance is greater than 30m, it is recommended to use the display screen above p16. P16 can be used to display images over a long distance due to its large display area and low definition. The farther the viewing distance, the larger the screen area. If the display definition requirements are low, you can choose the display with large dot spacing.

What is the minimum P-point spacing for outdoor HD large screen display? Generally speaking, if it is close, P2 can be used if the cost budget is enough 2.5.3 LED display screen with equal spacing, but it needs to be waterproof.