How is the indoor LED display system equipment composed?


How is the indoor LED display system equipment composed? Indoor LED display system is suitable for big data visualization platform, studio, exhibition hall, monitoring and dispatching center, conference management center and other places with large screen display needs; Build LED display system to send or receive corresponding text, data, pictures, videos and other information to people through large screen.

At present, indoor LED display has been widely used and favored by users. Whether it is used for outdoor advertising screens, transparent creative screens in shopping malls and stores, large indoor HD displays, etc., all account for half of the large screen market; Today, Tuosheng optoelectronics will introduce you to the composition of indoor LED display system.

1. Signal source

Signal source refers to the source of materials we usually play on the large screen. For example, the signal source of the monitoring center comes from the picture fed back by the monitoring camera in the monitoring area; The concept is relatively simple. Signal sources usually include computers, USB flash drives, mobile phones, surveillance cameras and other instruments used to input materials.

2. Video processor

The video processor is dedicated to processing and HD conversion of the video of the signal source, and then feed back to the indoor LED display screen through the sending card and receiving card. A good video processor can more perfectly convert video information and make the content played on the indoor LED display clearer and more restored.

3. Distribution system

As the name suggests, the power distribution system provides a stable power supply for the indoor LED display screen to ensure the normal operation of the LED display screen. Generally, the distribution system will be equipped with lightning arrester to avoid the interruption of large LED display due to lightning and rainstorm weather factors during operation. In severe cases, the LED display may be damaged and the gain is not worth the loss.

4. LED display

Of course, the indoor LED display system is inseparable from the LED display screen. Generally speaking, indoor LED display screen is divided into conventional display screen and small spacing display screen. The conventional spacing is between P2 and P6, and the small spacing is basically lower than P2. The smaller the pixel spacing, the smaller the nearest viewing distance, the better the viewing effect and the more expensive the price.

The above is the simple composition of indoor LED display system. I hope this will help those who want to know. Indoor LED display screen is closely related to our life. The LED display screen industry is enduring and provides you with a variety of services. If you have any requirements or technical problems about the large display screen, please feel free to consult xinpute technology, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.